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Demanding Rohit and Yo-Yo Test

Rohit & MS.Dhoni during a IPL match in 2015.

After a long run of speculations finally Rohit Sharma is set to take the Yo-Yo Test tomorrow which was originally was to be held today. Talking further in this context, it is such a un-professional way in which both BCCI and Rohit are dealing. The rest of the players have already taken the Yo-Yo Test on 15th June including Captain Kohli & Former Captain MS.Dhoni. Earlier it was informed that Rohit was set to take the Test on 17th June due to his commitments with a Brand he went to Russia and arrived yesterday only. Also, the committee of Administrators has asked questions after three players failed the most important fitness Test then GM ( cricket operations) Mr. Saba Karim assured the Committee of Administrators that the Yo-Yo Test will be conducted before the team selection from now on and this time it was not conducted earlier because of IPL.

Interestingly, some BCCI sources revealed that Rohit wanted to take the test after arriving in UK, which was against the rule. Some sources has also confirmed that he failed the Yo-Yo Test twice during the IPL. He is the second most important player for the team, if Rohit fails the test it will be a huge setback for the side as well as for Rohit too and Ajinkya Rahane has been told to be ready and can be drafted into the side. It is serious issue as the team is set to leave for UK in just 4 days from now i.e. 23rd June.

(With Inputs from AajTak & SportsTak (Youtube Channel))


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